We are committed to protecting child rights and empowering women

“Fighting illiteracy and spreading awareness through our projects for a better tomorrow.”

Indian Dreams Foundation is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation based in Uttar Pradesh, India. Our core areas of work include girl child education, transferable skill enhancement, menstrual health and hygiene, and women empowerment. We, at IDF, along with our supporters are consistently working towards eliminating child marriages, providing better education, and ensuring higher social and economic status for the underprivileged communities.
Aiding in women empowerment and driving literacy rate for a developed society.
Protecting child rights, making education accessible for all, ending early marriages, and improving women’s health.

Acknowledging IDF

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Non-Formal Education Program

A fun-filled educational initiative for toddlers and kids to develop knowledge and prepare them prior to receiving formal education.

Girls Education Program

A chance for the extraordinarily intelligent but underprivileged girls to rise and shine bright. Sponsorship and mentoring programme for the female child.

School Reforms Program

Adopting and converting institutions into model schools by empowering teachers, improving infrastructure, and enhancing accessibility to education.

Menstrual Health and Hygiene

Helping adolescent girls and young women break the barriers of orthodox customs and be more informed about menstrual hygiene and reproductive health.

Covid-19 Campaign

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COVID-19 Relief

Through our COVID-19 relief programme, we are providing support to hundreds of deprived families and communities more prone to infections. We used our Covid Relief fund for buying masks, gloves, soaps and sanitizers along with essential monthly supplies including cereals, pulses, grains, and other food products.

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